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Dirty Pawz Private Groom Room

For Very Important Dogs (VID)


Private Dog Grooming Room Rental

We have created a private room for dogs that need their own space. Our newly renovated grooming room is fully equipped with everything you will need to bathe and groom your dog, designed with the DIY enthusiast in mind.

This room is made for dogs who are extra reactive to other dogs or humans or for those who just want their privacy. 

Our 60 inch large tub will fit dogs of all sizes. Its equipped with 2 step stairs for larger dogs and an a flat bed adapter for small size dogs. We provide our popular Signature scent shampoo and conditioner with the ability to upgrade to our other product offerings such as, our Oatmeal treatment, CBD shampoo and blueberry facial scrub. 

We also provide a quiet but powerful heated high velocity blow dryer with different nozzles to suit your drying needs.  


Large Size Wash Tub with High Velocity Dryer


Our state of the art grooming table is great for dogs of all sizes. It has the ability to go as low as 8 inches to the ground for easy access especially for larger and senior dogs with mobility challenges. 

We provide basic grooming tools such as a standard brush and comb, nail trimmer as well as ear cleaner and cotton pads. If you require other specific  brush types or tools, these are available as an add on option. 

XL Hydraulic
Grooming Table 

For Your Convenience 

Our private groom room is equipped with a wash station, soap and paper towels.


We also provide disposable aprons to protect you from those unexpected wet shakes and splatters! 


Private Room Rates

Included Amenities:

-Wash Tub 

-Grooming table with safety loops

-Our all natural, Signature Scent Shampoo and Conditioner


-Towel Service 

-Bottled water

-Locally sourced treats

20 minutes - $25

30 minutes - $35

45 minutes - $50

60 minutes - $65

additional time - $20 for every additional 20 minutes

Add Ons:

Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner treatment - $5

Flea Wash - $5

CBD Shampoo treatment - $15

Blueberry Facial - $5 


Clean up fee:

$10 standard short coat dogs (Bullies, Rotties, Labs)

$15 medium length coat (Goldens, Shepherds

$20 long / dense type coats (Sammys, Berners, Huskies, Malamutes)

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