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Our Story

When we first brought Molly home, we knew that there would be a lot of work and responsibilities involved. She was a bundle of joy that came with a whole lot of energy and excitement. As time passed, we experienced the challenges of bathing her at home. Her fur would constantly clog the drain forming a pool of water which created a huge mess especially after a muddy day at the park. The entire bathroom would need to be cleaned after every bath, as well as the hallways she ran through wet and wild. We also experienced some back pain from bending over the tub.

Overall, this process was a total mess that caused stress for both us and Molly, which was not something we looked forward to.

We then started taking Molly to self-serve dog washes around the city, but we quickly learned that there were always lineups, the set up was not efficient, and most times operating under cold water. Ultimately, it was still wet everywhere.

Then came the Dog Wash Machines. We found this proprietary technology to be super efficient, while providing a safe environment to bathe your pet. Best of all, bath time became stress and mess free!

This made our life easier, we hope it does for you too.

Dirty Pawz Dog Wash family