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Self-serve Dog Wash

Our high tech dog wash stations are designed to provide you with the most efficient and elevated bathing experience for you and your dog.

We are proud to offer a premium line of naturally derived shampoo and conditioner by Fido’s pet products. You will definitely see and feel the benefits of a deep clean and lustrous coat after every wash.

Our devices are also equipped with an onboard water heater and a 2 stage, hi and low blow dryer system to ensure just the perfect water temperature and quick fluffy dry time. As a finish, we offer a no charge disinfect rinse so that the next customer will enjoy a clean wash area.

We also offer aprons and brushes for customer use as our goal is to give you an elevated dog wash experience for you and your dog. 

How To Wash Your Dog

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Dog Wash Highlights


Signature Scent: For a fresh and clean, long lasting scent with a super soft coat

Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner Treatment - A soothing and cleansing treatment, ideal for dogs with dry, irritated or extra smelly skin and coat. Results in a fresh and clean mild scent.