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Image by Bryan Padron

Got Skunked?


Full Service DeSkunk:
- 1.5 hour minimum duration. It can be more depending on coat density or oil severity
- By appointment only.
- Full service includes deskunk treatment, followed by complete wash and dry.
- Just drop off your dog and we will call you when ready! 

+ $15 for dogs 100 lbs and over.
+ $15+ for extra thick and long fur.
*pricing is finalized at the time of appointment.
**tax not included

Our advice before your appointment:
1. Wipe off as much skunk oil off your dog with dry paper towel. 
2. Do not wet your dog unless you are doing the baking soda and dish soap procedure.
3. We do not recommend using hydrogen peroxide as it may lighten dog's fur.

Call or text us if this happened to you: 647-906-8892

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