Dirty Pawz We Wash Service

Don't wanna  do the work? 

NO PROBLEM! Just drop off your dog and we will do the rest! 

We will wash your dog for you. You can go run an errand, grab a coffee or feel free to stay and hang out!

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Wash and Blow Out
- Deep Clean Shampoo
- Moisturizing Conditioner
- All Natural Flea Rinse (upon request)
- Towel dry

- 10 minute Blow Out

   Small: $35 dogs under 50lbs 
   Medium: $45 dogs 50lbs to 99lbs
   Large: $55 dogs 100lbs to 140lbs

   XLarge: $65 dogs over 140lbs

Dogs with extra long and thick fur:

$10 for extra product use and clean up

$15 for every additional 15 mins of dry time

recommended for breeds such as Huskies, Golden Retrievers, Doodles, GSD etc..

High Velocity Air De-shedding Service: 

(not available on Saturdays)

$45 for 30 mins Blow Out + Brush and Comb Out Service

$90 for 60 mins Blow Out + Brush and Comb Out Service

*must be booked with We Wash

**pricing is finalized based on dog's size, fur length and density

Blueberry Facial Cleansing Treatment:

Our new Blueberry Facial Cleansing Treatment is the perfect way to rejuvenate your pet's face while providing a super deep clean to remove any stubborn build up from food and dirt. Our process includes a soothing head massage while our product exfoliates both the skin and fur to break away dead skin. This treatment also infuses nutrient rich ingredients with powerful antioxidants to moisturize their skin and promote a healthy coat, as well as assist in removing tough tear stains. The result will be cleaner, brighter fur but also strengthened strands that are more resistant to fight off dirt and stains.


Book your facial cleansing treatment today as an add on to your We Wash! 


Small: $5

Medium to large: $8

XL: $10


Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner Treatment: $5 

A soothing and cleansing treatment, ideal for pets with dry, irritated or extra smelly skin and coat.

Produces a fresh and clean mild scent

*All pricing subject to tax

**Pricing to be finalized upon arrival

Before you book:

  • Safety is our number one priority, therefore we will do the best we can, based on your dog's comfort level.

  • We can't accept dogs that feel any aggression towards bathing.

  • Please ensure your dog has been relieved before your appointment

  • Please pick up your dog on time.