Dirty Pawz Valet Service

NO PROBLEM! Just drop off your dog and we will do the rest! 

Dirty Pawz Valet - we wash your dog for you. You can go run an errand, grab a coffee or feel free to stay and hang out!

Wash and Blow Out
- Shampoo
- Conditioner
- Flea Rinse (if requested)
- Towel and Blow Out

Small - Medium: $35 dogs under 50lbs 
                   Large: $45 dogs 50lbs and over
                   XLarge: $55 dogs 100lbs and over

         Optional: dogs with extra thick fur $15 for 15 mins extra drying time
*Plus tax

**Pricing to be finalized upon arrival

Before you book:

  • Safety is our number one priority, therefore we will do the best we can, based on your dog's comfort level.

  • We can't accept dogs that feel any aggression towards bathing.

  • Please pick up your dog on time.