Dirty Pawz We Wash Service

Don't wanna  do the work? 

NO PROBLEM! Just drop off your dog and we will do the rest! 

We will wash your dog for you. You can go run an errand, grab a coffee or feel free to stay and hang out!

Wash and Blow Out
- Deep Clean Shampoo
- Moisturizing Conditioner
- All Natural Flea Rinse
- Towel and Blow Out

Small - Medium: $35 dogs under 50lbs 
                   Large: $45 dogs 50lbs and over
                   XLarge: $55 dogs 100lbs and over

         Optional: dogs with extra thick fur $15 for 15 mins extra drying time
*Plus tax

**Pricing to be finalized upon arrival

Before you book:

  • Safety is our number one priority, therefore we will do the best we can, based on your dog's comfort level.

  • We can't accept dogs that feel any aggression towards bathing.

  • Please ensure your dog has been relieved before your appointment

  • Please pick up your dog on time.