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Why Open a Dog Wash?

  • According to the city of Toronto, there are over 230,000 dogs in the city and is showing exponential growth year over year.

  • There is a need for this type of service especially in city centres where housing may lack the proper facilities to bathe your dog​.

  • The self serve dog wash is a very underserved market and has a very small competitive landscape.

  • Not every dog needs regular full grooming services which can be very expensive depending on the type of dog you have​.

  • Provide people an alternative option to bathe their dog regularly and in a more affordable way​.

  • Society is moving towards a D.I.Y attitude, as we seek out more experience based activities. 

  • Dogs always need to be washed regardless of the season or the weather

Dirty Pawz Dog Wash Highlight Video:

It's The Perfect Side Hustle

The "Laundromat for Dogs, with the Car Wash Experience!"
  • Full Storefront Automation from open to close, controlled right from your cellphone or laptop.

  • No staff required.

  • Dog wash stations includes 6 wash cycles and onboard blow dryer - The Premium Dog Wash.

  • Cashless operation with Credit/Debit with auto deposit to your account.

  • Low touch operation required of 2-3 times per week. 

  • Earn approximately $35,000 to $40,000 in annual profit with a solid growth trajectory as the dog population increases around you.

Dirty Pawz Dog Wash offers a FULL TURN KEY solution to opening your own dog wash: 

​Service Offering:

  • Finding the right location - our experienced realty team will help you find that perfect spot whether you want to lease or purchase the property.

  • Consultation on how to create a profitable dog wash business and how to generate revenue.

  • Build-out the dog wash shop from start to finish including plumbing and electrical configuration and types of materials to use:

    • ​consultation on design and theme​​ (your vision)

    • storefront automation 

  • Construction and project management during the process.

  • Installation, commissioning and user training for the dog washes 

  • Opening day support such as customer interaction and daily operations.

The Dog Wash Machine
The Ultimate Dog Wash Experience

Interested in learning more about the dog wash business?
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Dirty Pawz Dog Wash for Condominium Facilities 

Dirty Pawz Dog Wash offers our ever growing condo living dog community with programs that include the option to purchase or lease a dog wash station outright or join our on-premise all inclusive program.


Typical Dog Wash Installations

Car Washes

Dog Wash Stores

Condo/Apartment Buildings

Pet Hospitals

Pet Stores

Vet Clinics

Doggie Day Care

Community Centre

Pet Allowed Resorts

Convenience Stores

Boarding Kennels



If you're interested in any of our Condominium Facility Programs or for more information on our Dog Wash stations, fill out the form below and we will get right back to you.

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